My movie-a-day year complete

At the beginning of the year, I set myself the ambitious goal of watching the equivalent of a movie a day in 2018. They all had to be movies I had never seen. I started on January 1, and am happy to announce that I just finished the feat tonight. It was a wild and time consuming ride, but worth it. I saw some great cinema along the way! Part of the reason I wanted to do this is that, as a movie buff, there were many classic films that I probably should have seen that I had never taken the time to watch. This challenge forced me to finally settle down and watch a lot of them. So you’ll notice that many of the titles are old school, before I was even born. It gave me a much needed appreciation for classic films.

And yes, I kept an online diary. If you’re interested in seeing what I watched, check it out here.


About mattabra12

Hello everyone. The author of this blog, me, goes by the name of Matt Abra. I am a student in Creative Communications who is using this blog to communicate with you...creatively. I love all forms of art - movies, books, TV, theatre, "art" - but I also tend to get frustrated by the endless parade of bad choices that are slowly turning the artistic form into artistic dirt. So, naturally, I felt like talking about it. And I would love for you to talk about it with me. Please comment, and please disagree. A healthy dialogue is only for the better.
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