The Millenial’s List of the 100 Greatest Movies Ever Made: 60-51

60) Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)


World, meet Indiana Jones. To Millenials, the name is synonymous with action, adventure, and mystical intrigue. And this is when were first met him. When it came out, movies had seen nothing like it. Since then, we’ve seen countless imitators, and none of them impressed us even half as much.

59) The Sixth Sense (1999)

Some of us guessed the ending (and have been holding it over people ever since), but the fact that The Sixth Sense is, to us, still a haunting and sad fable of quiet redemption goes to show that that famous “surprise” was just gravy. The whole thing is slowly mesmerizing, and scary in all the right places.

 58) Good Will Hunting (1997)


Try watching Good Will Hunting without then spending hours insulting your friends with a rowdy Boston accent. No? Okay, fine, you’re better than us. But also don’t forget that it’s smart, it’s funny, it’s heartbreaking—it rings of life.

57) The Lives of Others (2006)

The first foreign language film to grace our list (and the Oscar winner in that same category), The Lives of Others is a carefully constructed and quiet spy film, and what it lacks in Bond-esque car chases it makes up for in subtle chills, carefully administered through Ulrich Mühe’s haunting performance.

56) The Longest Day (1962)

Is it the greatest war movie ever made? If you don’t think so, you at least have to admit it’s the most ambitious. At three hours long, with dozens of characters and unceasing battles, the grandeur of the Second World War has never been better represented.

55) Juno (2007)

As Jon Stewart noted as host of the Oscars, “Thank God for teen pregnancy.” At a time when Hollywood suddenly and inexplicably turned dark dark dark (No Country For Old Men, There Will Be Blood, and the list goes on), Juno was a funny, honest, and endlessly sweet piece of levity, and it may have saved our souls.

 54) The Departed (2006)


Martin Scorsese finally won his Oscar for this amped up crime saga, and, nice for him, it wasn’t merely a make-up win, it was more than deserved. In perhaps Leonardo DiCaprio’s most underrated performance, he plays an undercover cop who gets caught up with some shady stuff in Boston’s mob world. Then again, watch the final fifteen minutes to see why “shady stuff” is a gross understatement.

53) This is Spinal Tap (1984)

Insert obligatory joke about “turning it up to 11.” This is Spinal Tap is packed to the brim with cultish quotes about squashing dwarfs and licking love pumps, and if you’re not in on the fun, you’re missing out.

52) Seven (1995)

Most people usually just think of that ending (and for good reason), but be reminded of its overall morbid atmosphere of unease, its showcase of a city—and world—in eerie disrepair. You kind of have to be a cynic to get optimum enjoyment from Seven, so dare I ask, how could it not be a favourite of Millenials?

 51) Rocky (1976)


In some ways, it’s a shame that Rocky was practically sequeled into caricature. I mean, you may love Rocky IV’s camp, but let’s be honest, Ivan Drago was a cartoon. The first go-around was, however, a glowing tribute to the human spirit, and like the best sports movies, it was actually about the people doing the punching, not just the punching itself.


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